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Privacy and staying anonymous? is the most private and confidential mental health therapy and counseling service available in the world today. Our therapy and counseling sessions are delivered entirely online in the privacy and security of your own location.

Is a substitute for traditional face-to-face counseling?

While Wisemind sessions are presented by university-trained psychologists and psychiatrists with over 5000 hours’ of clinical experience and this may benefit the majority of people, however, there is no substitute for face-to-face therapy. Wisemind won’t be able to make a diagnosis, fulfill court orders or prescribe medication.

How can I be sure will be effective for me?

In truth, it is very difficult to access the effectiveness of any therapy session. We suggest you start with a single session and see how you like it. Our excitement, confidence, and commitment to our service comes from positive feedback from our many users and the tremendous changes they experience.

Can I re-watch a session?

Yes. When you join  you have full access to all sessions. You are free to watch the same session as many time as you like.  


How do I get started with Wisemind?

That’s easy - go to the search bar, enter your area of interest then press the search button. You will be presented with options, select one that best suits you and click the search icon, you will be shown the session overview which you can read. If the overview suits, click the session to proceed.

How much is a session?

Our month by month plan of $15 will give you full access to all sessions for one month.

Our yearly plan $99 will give you full access to all sessions for one year.

You can cancel at any time. Prices are in $US.

Who will be helping me?

You can select the session that best suits. Each therapist has a slightly different approach and area of focus. makes this easy. By using the search bar, you will be offered several options. It is important to find the right therapist and session that can achieve the best results for you. Please read the session overview before choosing your session. 


How do I pay for my session? is subscription based which means you pay a monthly or yearly subscription. Once you have paid this subscription you will have full access to all sessions.

Can I be reimbursed by insurance for my sessions?

Coverage and benefits change from one health insurance company to another and from plan to plan. Services offered by are generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. It is important to note that offers the most affordable pricing options.

Who is for? offers immediate and confidential help to those looking for understanding and relief from mental health concerns. Whether you are a worried friend or parent seeking information, a person with personal concerns looking for coping skills, or students wanting to evaluate differing approaches in therapy.

Please read our personal care section.

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