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Some of the worst health and social problems can arise as a consequence of a difficult childhood (Adverse Childhood Experiences - ACEs).

By taking a whole life perspective, the ACE study began to uncover how adverse childhood experiences are strongly related to an individual’s development and prevalence to risk factors for disease and health and social well-being.

Your ACE score indicates your risk factor for depression, anxiety, anorexia, alcohol and drug use as well as suicide self-harm and many more.

Find your ACE score now with our online questionnaire.

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Psychologists and Psychiatrists with 6 to 10 years’ university study and over 5000 hours working face to face with people just like you.

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Free for 24 hours, $15 monthly or $99 yearly. World leading authorities for less than $2 per week. You can cancel at any time.

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The World's most private and confidential counselling service. No forms, no scheduling, no paper trail. Available right here, right now.

Featured Sessions

Incredibly helpful, very accurate and saved me a night of anguish.

Suzanne K., Vancouver, Canada

Divorced and caring for my kids, Alan was awesome.

Steve P., Birmingham, UK

Skills for managing my emotional crisis, Carolyn was brilliant.

Petra M., London UK

Janina brought light and understanding to my darkness.

Michael M., Dublin, Ireland

Perfect help at 2 am when I needed it.

Sonia D., London UK.

Very affordable, very convenient, very experienced and very grateful.

Barbara I. Vancouver, Canada

As an expat in Shanghai it’s difficult to discuss mental health. I felt safe.

Peter C., Shanghai, China.

I didn't want my family or friend to know about my issues

Louise C., Sydney, Australia

I feel less stressed less anxious and less depressed about my future.

Carman R., Manila, Philippines.

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