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Advanced Trauma Therapy

World renowned expert on trauma, Janina Fisher.

What people say about

Incredibly helpful, very accurate and saved me a night of anguish.
- Suzanne K., Vancouver, Canada

Divorce and caring for Kids, Alan was awesome.
- Steve P., Birmingham, UK

Skills for managing my emotional crisis, Carolyn was brilliant.
- Petra M., London UK

Janina brought light and understanding to my darkness.
- Michael M., Dublin, Ireland

Perfect help at 2 am when I needed it.
- Sonia D., London UK.

Very affordable, very convenient, very experienced and very grateful.
- Barbara I. Vancouver, Canada

As an expat in Shanghai it’s difficult to discuss mental health. I felt safe
- Peter C., Shanghai, China.

I didn't want my family or friend to know about my issues - Louise C., Sydney, Australia 

I feel less stressed less anxious and less depressed about my future - Carman R., Manila, Philippines.

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  • Trauma is correlated with poor health including depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders.
    Advanced Trauma Therapy
    Janina Fisher PhD

    Dr Janina Fisher is a leading international clinical psychologist with over 40 years’ trauma resolution experience.

    She has devoted her career to the understanding and treatment of trauma, including attachment failure, neglect, physical or sexual abuse in childhood, war exposure, sexual assault, medical trauma, and domestic or community violence.

    Janina is a brilliant and respected clinician and offers relief and understanding in her advanced trauma sessions.

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  • Finding Peace, Intimacy, love and Validation in your most difficult relationships
    Conflict in Relationships
    Alan Fruzzetti PhD

    Dr. Alan Fruzzetti is an internationally renowned clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience.

    He is a Professor at Harvard University, McLean Hospital and a leader in his work with high-conflict couples and families. He has developed a highly effective and respected approach to understanding the complex interactions that surround conflict in relationships.

    Alan is a master clinician and offers powerful techniques for anyone experiencing relationship difficulties.

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    Emotional Regulation
    Carolyne Bright

    Carolyn Bright is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years’ experience in treating destructive behavior and uncontrolled emotions.

    Carolyn has devoted her career to teaching and upskilling individuals whose emotions can have them lashing out, being self-destructive and harmful to themselves and those around them. Carolyn shares the skills to help you tame emotional turmoil.

    Individuals and families can find relief and understanding with Carolyn’s 30 emotional regulation sessions.

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    Divorcing Parents & Kids
    Alan Fruzzetti PhD

    Dr Fruzzetti a Professor at Harvard University, McLean Hospital and specialist family clinical psychologist of 30 years offers proven skills on how to divorce without drama.

    Alan considers the enormous emotional damage that is born by former spouses, children, friends, and families. This series can save you heartache, self-respect, and protect children from unnecessary emotional adversity.

    Alan gives you the skills to ensure a smooth transition for yourself, your ex-partner and the children

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The easiest way to access our specialist sessions is to enter your topic of interest into the search bar (for example: anxiety) and then press the search button. The word 'anxiety' will be searched and you will be presented with a number of session to choose from.

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2. Search Results

Your search results will present the sessions related to your search enquiry.  For example we searched "anxiety" and a number of  options were given.

There are many contributing factors to consider with most mental health concern, so the range can be quite extensive.

Select and click on the one that suits you most - this will take you to the session page and an outline of the session content.


3. Session Page and Session Content

The 'Session Page' gives you the opportunity to review the content of the session before buying.

It also gives you a few hints on how to get the most out of the session.

If you feel that the session will be helpful then click on the video arrow and you will be taken to the payment page.




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You will be prompted to choose either  'This Session'  or a '10 Session Ticket'.

When you choose 'This Session' for $4.95 you will be directed to payment processing. You will need a valid credit card. Once your payment is finalised you can click the session to start.

At this point you will need to allow time to watch the whole session.

Section 5. Outlines the '10 Session Ticket' for $25.

All prices are in USD$.

5. A '10 Session Ticket' for $25

When you choose to purchase a 10 session ticket for $25  you will be directed to payment processing. You will need a valid credit card. Once your payment is finalised your 10 session ticket will be emailed to you.

When you receive your 10 session ticket, Enter your ticket number into the space provided.  Press 'Enter' and the session will start.

At this point allow time to watch the whole session.

A 10 Session Ticket gives you access to any 10 sessions  and is current for 30 days.

All prices are in USD$