About Us

Mission Statement.

We believe it is every humans right to have access to health care and education. Our goal is to help by bringing affordable mental health understanding and therapy to all people, regardless of civil, political, economic, cultural or social status.

Welcome to Wisemind.com

Wisemind.com is hosted by internationally-renowned clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who share their therapy approaches and insights in short sessions.  We have carefully curated this collection to help you gain knowledge, understanding and insightful skills to assist you to navigate personal mental health matters.

Our growing collection is designed to help change the way you see the world. Whether for personal development or to facilitate your ongoing treatment process, Wisemind.com is committed to providing a platform for equipping and developing emotional wellbeing.


Our sessions are available to everyone anytime.  Simply select from our extensive catalog. A good place to start would be to view our Series. Be sure to access our Personal Care section if you are feeling emotionally uncomfortable or in crisis.

Variety of information:

Conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, pain, insomnia, conduct disorders, anorexia, anger issues are conditions identified in many of us. Wisemind.com aims to help identify and understand these issues and provide strategies and pathways to address the symptoms and consequences.

Safe, Secure and User-friendly:

Wisemind.com offers a user-friendly experience which will assist you to gain understanding and find relief.

Supported by efficient video streaming and payment technologies, the Wisemind.com network provides easy online access and high-level security.


Once a session is purchased it can be accessed within the streaming period on multiple devices anywhere in the world. (Please ensure you have reliable internet access).